A Small Place on Planet Earth

Over at the Cantur San Juan del Sur blog, they’re helping us gear up for Earth Day, by advertising our first ever Earth Day Forum. We’ll be in San Juan del Sur, “a small place on this wonderful planet Earth, …

pasoblogA Small Place on Planet Earth

Lora Nuca Amarilla

Please watch our video addressing the issue of poaching parrots in Nicaragua. Once abundant in tropical forests, the Yellow-naped parrot (Lora Nuca Amarillo in Spanish) is increasingly rare in Nicaragua, where habitat destruction and poaching have reduced its numbers rapidly. …

pasoblogLora Nuca Amarilla

¡Gracias, Ostional!

We’re so pleased with the level of involvement at our community meeting in Ostional, where we have launched an initiative which includes environmental education, a sea turtle incentive payment program, and kayak guides to take eco-tourists through the mangroves.

pasoblog¡Gracias, Ostional!

Community Tourism at the Feria

The Ostional community guides spent the weekend at Las Galerias Mall in Managua to share their story and to promote Ostional as a tourism destination. Guided tours range from bird-watching hikes, to sea-kayaking trips. All guides (first four young women …

pasoblogCommunity Tourism at the Feria

Coral Reefs: Cradles of Evolution

January’s Science roundup included interesting work on coral reefs: Compiling geological and biological data from fossils, a team of evolutionary scientists has found indications of the following: reefs are important evolutionary cradles independent of their preferred habitat in shallow, tropical …

pasoblogCoral Reefs: Cradles of Evolution

Cleaning Up the Coast of Nicaragua

Well, our first ever International Coastal Clean-up event in Nicaragua turned out to be a big success! We had over 1000 people picking up garbage at over 25 beaches across Nicaragua. This is the happy face of a job well …

pasoblogCleaning Up the Coast of Nicaragua

Habitat-Friendly Farming and Landscaping

At Paso Pacifico, in addition to working with donors, government entities, and other NGOs, we also work with private landowners to foster cooperation and habitat-friendly farming and planting and land-use practices. Especially when working with home and hotel developers, we …

pasoblogHabitat-Friendly Farming and Landscaping

Finding “Gold” in Latin America

We’re thrilled to be featured at the Ecosystems Marketplace in a story about a project auditor with the Rainforest Alliance. Jeff Hayward: Quantifying Carbon, Communities, and More Last January, Hayward spent a week visiting a new project in southwestern Nicaragua. …

pasoblogFinding “Gold” in Latin America

Blogging Conservation

Well, it has been many months since I established this blog and not a single post.  Doing Conservation is very time consuming, and a blog for our organization always seems to go to the bottom of the priority list.  One …

pasoblogBlogging Conservation