Save the Frogs Day

In honor of Save the Frogs Day, we’d like to introduce some of the frogs who live in Paso del Istmo, Nicaragua. The poison dart frog (Dendrobates pumilio) is a resident of the eastern edge of the Paso del Istmo …

pasoblogSave the Frogs Day

Earth Day in San Juan del Sur

Local artists, businesses, municipal government, and students celebrated Earth Day with us this week. During the ceremony the mayor of San Juan del Sur committed the municipality to planting 50,000 trees as a contribution to the Meso-American Biological Corridor.

pasoblogEarth Day in San Juan del Sur

Impulsan proyectos de reforestación en Rivas

La Prensa reports on our reforestation program in Paso del Istmo (in Spanish). Paso Pacifico’s national director is quoted: Esto se ha hecho en sólo tres años, son 450 hectáreas las que ya están reforestadas y la meta es reforestar …

pasoblogImpulsan proyectos de reforestación en Rivas

Why Environmentalism Needs High Finance

Over at, there’s a great discussion of the need to align economic incentives and biological imperatives. Problems could be averted if species had a value that was neither zero nor infinity, and if there were incentives for people to …

pasoblogWhy Environmentalism Needs High Finance

El Ostional apuesta al turismo

La Prensa has published a piece on our sea kayak training program (in Spanish), designed to promote eco-tourism in San Juan del Sur and Ostional. The goal of this program is to train young people to become eco-tourism guides, taking …

pasoblogEl Ostional apuesta al turismo

Harbor Clean Up Benefits All

We’re pleased to see that a small tourism business is offering a special package for our harbor clean up! For $20, guests will be provided transportation between Managua and San Juan del Sur, where they’ll be served lunch and be …

pasoblogHarbor Clean Up Benefits All

Jornada de Limpieza Submarina

We’re getting ready for our first-ever harbor clean up in San Juan del Sur. Along with the usual coastline clean-up crews, we’ll be working with teams of boaters and divers to pull up, haul away, and inventory inorganic waste on …

pasoblogJornada de Limpieza Submarina

Environmental Education in Rural Nicaragua

Julie Martinez, our environmental education instructor, has been working with elementary school kids in the Rivas province of Nicaragua. The kids are learning about the ecology of tropical dry forests, and starting to address environmental problems in their own community.

pasoblogEnvironmental Education in Rural Nicaragua

Yo No Como Huevos

We are pleased to partner with Flora and Fauna International on a public awareness campaign to discourage the consumption of sea turtle eggs. We are surveying restaurants and market vendors, and asking them to commit to stop selling turtle eggs. …

pasoblogYo No Como Huevos

Protecting Sea Turtles to Promote Eco-tourism

We’ve officially launched our sea turtle program in the Rivas province, and La Prensa picked it up to share the story with the rest of Nicaragua. The campaign, designed to protect critically endangered sea turtles who nest on the beaches …

pasoblogProtecting Sea Turtles to Promote Eco-tourism