Setting the World on Fire

Drawing from “Fire in the Earth System,” a literature review published in the April 24 Science, Solmaz Barazesh explains fire ecology in his article in this week’s Science News, “Ecology, climate and human activities conspire to set the world on …

pasoblogSetting the World on Fire

Salvador Sánchez, natural leader…for nature

From humble origins, Salvador Sánchez, was elected as a community leader in the small fishing village of Ostional, near San Juan del Sur, became a conservationist, and is now a respected leader and successful entrepreneur. This is his story.(Adapted from …

pasoblogSalvador Sánchez, natural leader…for nature

Salvador Sánchez, líder por naturaleza

De origen humilde y trabajador, Salvador Sánchez, líder comunitario del pueblo pesquero de Ostional, en el municipio de San Juan del Sur, adaptó la filosofía de la conservación de los recursos naturales, hoy día no sólo es un respetado dirigente, …

pasoblogSalvador Sánchez, líder por naturaleza

Our project is now on the map

Zoom in on Nicaragua for an overview of our turtle project at, an online directory of organizations involved in sea turtle research and conservation around the world.

pasoblogOur project is now on the map

ARBOLES para GAIA – Estrago Ecologico

Our neighbors, the Ojai-based RageJax Foundation has provided support for the ARBOLES para GAIA – Estrago Ecologico art exhibit opening in Managua next Friday. Paso Pacifico is providing several thousand trees to be given out at the exhibit, and each …

pasoblogARBOLES para GAIA – Estrago Ecologico

Sea turtles get it on, and on, and on… at Deep Sea News

There should be a sign posted along beaches of the world during a certain season: “WARNING: Enter water at your own risk”. I’m not speaking of extreme undertow or heavy shore-break. Not water quality, or red tide concerns. Nor warnings …

pasoblogSea turtles get it on, and on, and on… at Deep Sea News

Effective Management of Protected Areas

We recently hosted a mobile workshop organized by CATIE (the Tropical Agricultural Research and Higher Education Center) and Conservation International to train people in the planning and management of protected areas. The group spent two weeks visiting protected areas in …

pasoblogEffective Management of Protected Areas

Save the Frogs Day

In honor of Save the Frogs Day, we’d like to introduce some of the frogs who live in Paso del Istmo, Nicaragua. The poison dart frog (Dendrobates pumilio) is a resident of the eastern edge of the Paso del Istmo …

pasoblogSave the Frogs Day

Earth Day in San Juan del Sur

Local artists, businesses, municipal government, and students celebrated Earth Day with us this week. During the ceremony the mayor of San Juan del Sur committed the municipality to planting 50,000 trees as a contribution to the Meso-American Biological Corridor.

pasoblogEarth Day in San Juan del Sur