Crazy Turtle Update

Believe it or not, someone has stolen the satellite tracking device right off the back of Karen the Hawksbill sea turtle. Our colleagues in Ostional are trying to recover it — luckily the stolen device is trackable! Meanwhile, Karen is …

pasoblogCrazy Turtle Update

Ventura County Start Talks Turtles

We got a brief mention in the local paper today! Ventura group tags rare sea turtle for study “The Ventura-based conservation group Paso Pacifico recently tagged a rare sea turtle off the coast of Nicaragua with a radio transmitter that allows …

pasoblogVentura County Start Talks Turtles

Endangered Hawksbill Turtles Tagged

Paso Pacifico is proud to announce that our rangers together with sea turtle scientists from the Proyecto Carey! have measured and tagged two critically endangered Hawksbill turtles.  They were encountered and protected by our rangers on June 30th 2009 near …

pasoblogEndangered Hawksbill Turtles Tagged

Exporting “Rangering” to Nicaragua

Paso Pacifíco board member, Rick Smith, has written a new piece for National Parks Traveler about the Hawksbills we’re tracking: The rangers who discovered the two turtles kept them on the beach for two days, keeping their heads covered with wet …

pasoblogExporting “Rangering” to Nicaragua

Dreaming of Wetland Reserves

Wetland for sale in southern Nicaragua for sale. We hope to buy it to set aside as a community-managed wildlife reserve area for the local people. If you are interested in contributing to a capital campaign to allow us to …

pasoblogDreaming of Wetland Reserves

La Conga Reserve

Last week, we visited the new La Conga Reserve in southern Nicaragua with landowner and cattle rancher Pedro Agurcia. Pictured are Agurcia, his daughter, one of his farmworkers, and Paso Pacifico board member Dr. Rodolfo Dirzo. In the background, you …

pasoblogLa Conga Reserve

Kayak Guides

Kayak Guides in Ostional As the tourism sector grows in Nicaragua, nature tourism has the potential to provide economic benefit to local communities while also supporting conservation efforts. Paso Pacífico has joined with diverse partners to provide guide training and support …

pasoblogKayak Guides

High-tech Turtles in the News

Karen heads out to sea Karen and Brasilia, the two Hawksbill turtles we tagged earlier this month, are getting good press, in part because Hawksbills are more commonly found in the Caribbean than in the Pacific. In fact, Karen is …

pasoblogHigh-tech Turtles in the News

Track Our Turtles!

Our turtle rangers in Nicaragua affixed satellite transmitters to two Hawksbill turtles, Karen and Brasilia. You can follow their movement here:

pasoblogTrack Our Turtles!

First Pacific Hawksbills Tagged in Nicaragua

Schoolchildren from Ostionalnamed this Hawksbill Brasilia A huge advancement for Hawksbill research in the eastern Pacific, Karen and Brasilia, are the first Hawksbills ever tagged on Nicaragua’s Pacific coast. They will provide great tracking information in this extremely data deficient …

pasoblogFirst Pacific Hawksbills Tagged in Nicaragua