Local Communities and Conservation

As a conservation biologist, one of the most important parts of my job is making trips to the field so that I can better design and manage the many scientific projects that Paso Pacifico’s local employees work on. Others  imagine …

pasoblogLocal Communities and Conservation

It Takes A Village

When 8-year-olds Matson and Jonas decided to do something to save sea turtles, they reached out to their school community for help. They received an extraordinary response from teachers, staff, students, and families at Oak Grove School. Through a village …

pasoblogIt Takes A Village

Team Member Spotlight – Cristian Bonilla

Cristian Bonilla is a local para-biologist who has supported Paso Pacifico’s wildlife research for over six years. Although Cristian has helped us study everything from bats to lizards, in recent years he has become a specialist for Amazon parrot conservation. …

pasoblogTeam Member Spotlight – Cristian Bonilla

Miracle Grant from Patagonia

This spring we were thrilled to receive Patagonia’s Miracle Grant award. This support has helped us advance our mission to restore and protect endangered forest and coastal ecosystems in Nicaragua. We have applied these generous funds to two specific programs: 1. our …

pasoblogMiracle Grant from Patagonia

Happy Earth Day

Sea turtles have been on the planet for over 100 million years!  They are one of the Earth’s most ancient creatures and have been around since the time of the dinosaurs. Turtle Friend will help tell this story…LIVE!  By bringing …

pasoblogHappy Earth Day

Become A Turtle Friend?

www.turtlefriend.org Watch, track, and protect sea turtles…LIVE! In early 2014, two eight-year-olds (Jonas & Matson) came to us with the vision of creating an app to broadcast the life cycle of sea turtles in the Pacific. They called it “Turtle Friend” …

pasoblogBecome A Turtle Friend?

Teaming Up with Fashion Project

This month we are teaming up with Fashion Project to help protect nesting sea turtles in Nicaragua. Fashion Project’s mission is to “raise as much money as possible for charity by creating a community where our members can donate clothing and shop …

pasoblogTeaming Up with Fashion Project

Yellow-billed Cuckoo – A Perilous Journey

This spring, the Yellow-billed Cuckoo is making the journey from its overwintering grounds in South America through the forests of Central America and then up to North America. It is a perilous journey because of the destruction of forest habitat along …

pasoblogYellow-billed Cuckoo – A Perilous Journey

Nicaragua is Saying Goodbye to Foreign Oil

Nicaragua has committed to reducing its dependence upon foreign oil by investing in renewable resources.  Learn more about this effort in this recent video.

pasoblogNicaragua is Saying Goodbye to Foreign Oil

Happy World Wildlife Day!

We are working to protect wildlife in Central America and to celebrate World Wildlife Day we’ve put together this short video.  Hope you enjoy!

pasoblogHappy World Wildlife Day!