Yellow-billed Cuckoo – A Perilous Journey

This spring, the Yellow-billed Cuckoo is making the journey from its overwintering grounds in South America through the forests of Central America and then up to North America. It is a perilous journey because of the destruction of forest habitat along …

pasoblogYellow-billed Cuckoo – A Perilous Journey

Nicaragua is Saying Goodbye to Foreign Oil

Nicaragua has committed to reducing its dependence upon foreign oil by investing in renewable resources.  Learn more about this effort in this recent video.

pasoblogNicaragua is Saying Goodbye to Foreign Oil

Happy World Wildlife Day!

We are working to protect wildlife in Central America and to celebrate World Wildlife Day we’ve put together this short video.  Hope you enjoy!

pasoblogHappy World Wildlife Day!

A Hero For Conservation

Paso Pacífico is thrilled to announce that Claudia Perla (pictured below) has been honored with a Disney Conservation Hero Award from the Disney Worldwide Conservation Fund (DWCF). The award recognizes local citizens for their tireless efforts to save wildlife, protect …

pasoblogA Hero For Conservation

Growing forests and livelihoods with help from Man and Nature

by Richard Joyce Marcela Gutierrez, Paso Pacífico’s agronomist, has been eagerly awaiting the rainy conditions that will allow planting of thousands of trees in the Paso del Istmo. “Because of El Niño, the rains are coming later this year, so we …

pasoblogGrowing forests and livelihoods with help from Man and Nature

Building Resilience: Beekeeping in the Paso del Istmo

by Richard Joyce Paso Pacifico Meliponiculture Intern A lean man past middle age, Francisco Cerda still goes to work most days of the week at a limestone quarry in Las Mercedes, an area of the Paso del Istmo near the Costa …

pasoblogBuilding Resilience: Beekeeping in the Paso del Istmo

A Women’s Cooperative Oyster Farm

In 2013 Paso Pacifico made a commitment to the Clinton Global Initiative to strengthen economic development and restore coastal environments. To achieve this goal, Paso Pacifico has begun a partnership with local women in the fishing village of Ostional in …

pasoblogA Women’s Cooperative Oyster Farm

Poco a Poco, Bird by Bird

by Sarah Otterstrom I grew up spending lazy summers along the shores of northern lakes in the Inland Pacific Northwest. Maybe this is where my love of “biodiversity” was born. If anything, it was where I first learned to recognize …

pasoblogPoco a Poco, Bird by Bird

Stingless Beekeeping in the Paso del Istmo

Marcos inspects a Melipona beecheii worker captured at a flowering bush on the property of a beekeeper. It is dry season in Paso del Istmo, with trade winds wicking moisture from the Pacific slope forests causing upwelling of nutrient-rich water …

pasoblogStingless Beekeeping in the Paso del Istmo

Paso Pacifico 101

In October of last year I had the opportunity to travel to Nicaragua to learn more about Paso Pacifico and its work in the Paso del Istmo.  The trip was a crash course in all things Paso Pacifico.  In just …

pasoblogPaso Pacifico 101