Olive Ridley Sea Turtle by Hal Brindley, travelforwildlife.com

We Won WCTC’s Acceleration Prize!

In 2015, our new GPS-enabled artificial egg technology was one of 16 Wildlife Crime Tech Challenge winners. From there, these eggs—now called InvestEGGators—competed with the other winning projects for three Acceleration Prizes, which would be awarded to those who made “truly remarkable progress in turning promising ideas into viable solutions positioned for scale and impact on the ground.” We are thrilled to announce that we won an Acceleration Prize!

Our InvestEGGators have potential to track and disrupt the un-mapped transit routes used to traffic wildlife around the world. While we’re still in the process of scaling these InvestEGGators, we hope to have many nonprofits in many regions include them in their conservation strategies. Many media outlets have shown interest in these prizewinning eggs, and WCTC’s Acceleration Prize will be a further help with our efforts to scale and implement these devices.

To read the official announcement and learn about the challenge and its organizers, please visit the Wildlife Crime Tech Challenge blog.

pasoblogWe Won WCTC’s Acceleration Prize!