Rio Ostayo in the Mono Bayo Reserve

La Reserva Mono Bayo

We are thrilled to share a major breakthrough here on the blog! Recently we were awarded a significant grant from the IUCN-Netherlands, and that means we will be able to complete the purchase of a beautiful forest area in the heart of the Paso del Istmo. In honor of the critically endangered black-handed spider monkeys that live there, we’ve named this 120-acre property the Mono Bayo Reserve. This forest is an important building block for the wildlife corridor and also provides mature habitat for the threatened yellow-naped amazon parrot and other unique mammals such as the tayra and sloth.

With the purchase of this land, we aim to preserve and restore animal paths that damaged by deforestation. Our next step, with help from our supporters, will be to build basic reserve infrastructure and set camera traps to monitor spider monkeys on the land. Primate Conservation Inc, the Margot Marsh Biodiversity Foundation, Prince Bernhard Nature Fund, Disney Conservation Fund and other partners will be joining this mission.

This new preserve would not have been possible without people like you! Individual donors helped make the initial good faith payment of $20,000 on the property. This matching support helped us to win the larger grant and use the money to save all of this habitat.

We could not be happier. All thanks to you!

Main Land Purchase Map

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