Nicaraguan Eco-Surf Adventure

Are you going to the Waterman’s Ball this weekend?

If so, look for the Nicaraguan Eco-Surf Adventure package donated by our amigas at CHICABRAVA, which includes the following:

  • a one-week CHICABRAVA surf camp in San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua
  • CHICABRAVA water bottle, tank, and reusable shopping bag
  • Entre Lago y Mar DVD highlighting the natural beauty and environmental conservation efforts in the region
  • guided trip to a sea turtle nesting beach with Paso Pacífico’s Turtle Rangers 

Be sure to bid on this week of adventure. The lucky winner will find herself surfing Nicaragua’s world class waves at the CHICABRAVA All Girls Surf Camp & Women’s Surf Retreat and visiting a sea turtle nesting beach. If the timing is right, the winner will see nesting sea turtles and/or sea turtle hatchlings (but that’s up to the turtles and the moon so we can’t guarantee it). No matter the timing, we will answer all your questions about sea turtle ecology and conservation in the Paso del Istmo. With 330 days of offshore winds, we can just about guarantee the waves, so all you need to do to plan a great week of surfing is check the CHICABRAVA camp calendar.

San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua
thanks to Lake Nicaragua, steady offshore winds ensure great surfing all year long
Karen Lacayo, one of the rangers from our women-run sea turtle nursery,
watches as hatchlings emerge from the nest. Ostional, Nicaragua.

Read more about surfing in Nicaragua and about our Surf Ambassadors program.

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