Billion Baby Turtles T’s

PuruKai’s Billion Baby Turtle t-shirt sales support sea turtle conservation in Costa Rica. Our friends at SEETurtles and WIDECAST will save five baby sea turtles for every shirt sold.

Most of our friends know that the Billion Baby Turtles project supports sea turtle conservation efforts like ours. Billion Baby Turtles funds, at work all over Central America, go towards paying local residents to patrol important turtle nesting beaches, protecting turtles that come up to nest, and ensuring that the eggs are protected.

The folks at PuraKai explain their name and business model:

Save five turtles. Buy a t-shirt.

The story of Purakai is the story of capturing the spirit of two great cultures. The name PuraKai is derived from the Costa Rican phrase Pura Vida, and Kai, the Hawaiian word for ocean. Giving PuraKai the meaning of “Pure Ocean”.

As eco-minded entrepreneurs we feel the there is a better way to make clothing. Clothing made without herbicides, pesticides, GMO’s, or harmful dyes, without toxic run off from cotton fields polluting our surf, ruining our beaches, and destroying our fragile coastal eco-systems. Clothing a surfer, stand up paddler, freediver, spearfisherman or other water lover can wear proudly.

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