Meet Our Rangers // Presentamos Nuestros Guardaparques

Día Mundial de la Ranger

Día Mundial de la Ranger es un día para recordar a los guardaparques que han sido heridos o muertos en acto de servicio, en particular durante el año anterior. Desde julio de 2012, más de 80 guardaparques han perdido sus vidas en el cumplimiento del deber.

Forest Rangers :: Guardabosques
Our forest rangers foster saplings in tree nurseries, monitor growth in our reforestation areas, and help manage the understory until young trees are ready to protect their own forests. They also act as interpretive guides, trailblazing with their machetes, and identifying local wildlife for visitors

Read more about our reforestation efforts.

Turtle Rangers :: Guardatortugas
Paso Pacifico’s community-based sea turtle rangers form “the thin green line” between critically endangered sea turtles and would-be poachers and predators, helping thousands of baby turtles to the sea each year.

Read more about our turtle rangers.

Junior Rangers :: Guardaparques Juniors
Launched in February 2012, our junior ranger program is teaching coastal kids about marine ecology, and developing the next generation of biodiversity stewards along Nicaragua’s Pacific slope.

Read more about our junior rangers.

Reef Rangers :: Guardaparques Marinas
 Building on the successes of our turtle ranger programs, we are recruiting divers to receive similar training to encourage sustainable fishing practices and serve as ambassadors for conservation in the marine community.

Read more about our reef rangers.

World Ranger Day 
“World Ranger Day is also a day to remember the many rangers who have been injured or killed in the line of duty, particularly during the previous year. Since last July, more than 80 rangers, game rangers, forest guards, wardens and maintenance workers have lost their lives in the line of duty, and it’s likely that the actual number is considerably larger.”
Source: NPS Digest

pasoblogMeet Our Rangers // Presentamos Nuestros Guardaparques

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