Connections: Conservation & Sustainable Tourism

Our July newsletter is online.

Read about our contributions to the Conservation & Sustainable Tourism Program to empower individuals and communities, improve natural resource management, and foster the creation of employment opportunities in and around national parks, private reserves, and other ecologically significant areas. 

We appreciate the support of FHI360 and the assistance from the U.S. Government and the American people.

Catch up with our Guardaparques Junior from Tola, pictured here with surfer Jackson Obando during the ISA World Juniors Surfing Championships. They were featured in the Day 5 Highlights reel with our surf ambassador Amelia.

Learn more about our beach cleanup partners for the tournament: Project WOO, dedicated to community-driven in Gigante. Bo Fox, from Project WOO was featured in the Day 7 Highlights reel.

Meet Kate Dolkas, the newest member of the Paso Pacífico team.

Make a World Ranger Day donation to support our:

  • Turtle Rangers
  • Forest Rangers
  • Reef Rangers
  • Junior Rangers

Catch up with our Yellow-Naped Parrot project at the Parrots International Symposium.

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pasoblogConnections: Conservation & Sustainable Tourism