ELLAS Progress Report: Measurable Achievements

This month we’re reflecting on our ELLAS program, and the commitment we made to the community at the Clinton Global Initiative

  • Five women launched one sea turtle nursery which protected over 6500 sea turtle hatchlings and transformed the way their community interacts with turtles. 
  • 2010 was the first time in 25 years turtles hatched on the community beach, after a quarter century of all nests routinely being poached.
  • Native tree nurseries employ 20 women, who grow saplings, reforest watersheds, and plant trees which will offset over 70,000 tonnes of greenhouse gases.
  • 200 girls regularly participate in environmental education programs to learn about the role of wildlife in forests and how their actions can protect migratory birds and endangered spider monkeys. 
  • 500 youth, including girls, cleaned up beaches and watersheds, removing over ____ (units) of trash and improving the health and water quality of communities along 22 km of coastline. 
  • Two organic gardens were established in two communities and are managed by ten women. 
  • One eco-tourism company run by women secured a small business loan allowing it to expand its kayaking and guided nature hikes. 
  • Two national news stories highlighting the role of women leaders developing eco-tourism destinations were featured in Nicaraguan media. 
  • 35 households now use portable solar light, allowing women to safely carry out household work and support their children during evening studies. 
  • One outdoor education and leadership program for early adolescent girls is ready for a September 2011 launch date.
pasoblogELLAS Progress Report: Measurable Achievements