Central American Changemakers

From our friends at PRETOMA and the Wildlife Conservation Society of Nicaragua:

For all of you who have been following Pretoma’s activities and supported our campaigns, many thanks. We need your help again. We are finalists in a competition called “Change Makers” to support the work we do in the Nicoya Peninsula promoting a sustainable snapper fishery. Please, take the time (only two minutes) and vote at the following site: http://www.changemakers.com/node/95324?breadcrumb_type=finalists

We bwould also like to ask for your vote for our Nat Geo Changemakers finalist program entitled Environmental Learning Leadership Adventure and Stewards (ELLAS) which supports women enviropreneurs in sustainable tourism surrounding the La Flor Wildlife Refuge.

You can vote for ELLAS here:  http://www.changemakers.com/node/96725?breadcrumb_type=finalists 

The great thing is that you can vote for up to three projects, so a vote for PRETOMA and another vote for Paso Pacifico will spread the wealth and love for our Central American oceans.

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