A Small Place on Planet Earth

Over at the Cantur San Juan del Sur blog, they’re helping us gear up for Earth Day, by advertising our first ever Earth Day Forum.

We’ll be in San Juan del Sur, “a small place on this wonderful planet Earth, endowed with exceptional and endless beauty” April 22nd and 23rd, making it Nicaragua’s Earth Day headquarters.

The goal of the event is to celebrate the natural beauty of the region and to remind people that our economic growth as a tourist destination depends on
the conservation of its natural heritage.

Supporting us in this endeavor are the following organizations and agencies:

  • the Rural Community Tourism Association of Miravalle (ATRUCOM)
  • the Municipal Tourism Commission (Coture)
  • Cantur San Juan del Sur
  • Community Tours Ostional
  • the Environmental Unit Municipality of San Juan del Sur

pasoblogA Small Place on Planet Earth