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Proyecto Noble

Proyecto Noble—Salud y Educación helps support more than 2500 local schoolchildren across 25 rural schools in the Paso del Istmo Biological Corridor with educational supplies and nutritious school lunches. This project also helped build the Ostional Library, supports its full-time …

pasoblogProyecto Noble
Antonia - Photo by Dave Anderson

The Great California Oyster Tour

I recently had the pleasure of spending a week in the company of Angelica and Antonia, who are from our Women’s Oyster Cooperative in Ostional, Nicaragua. I also met Yorlin Vargas, a Paso Pacifico ranger who works a lot with …

pasoblogThe Great California Oyster Tour
Olive Ridley Sea Turtle by Hal Brindley,

We Won WCTC’s Acceleration Prize!

In 2015, our new GPS-enabled artificial egg technology was one of 16 Wildlife Crime Tech Challenge winners. From there, these eggs—now called InvestEGGators—competed with the other winning projects for three Acceleration Prizes, which would be awarded to those who made …

pasoblogWe Won WCTC’s Acceleration Prize!
Women participate in a fisher committee meeting, 2017

When Fishers Protect the Ocean

Many of you may know that La Flor Wildlife Refuge is globally recognized for its important Olive Ridley sea turtle nesting beach. However, the marine protected area of 20,000 acres (7875 ha) is of equal importance to marine biodiversity. The …

pasoblogWhen Fishers Protect the Ocean
Young Cyanoptera macaws in the nest

A 20-year Milestone for the Cyanoptera Macaw

Nicaragua is losing one of its most iconic and colorful species – the Cyanoptera macaw (Ara macao cyanoptera). This subspecies of the scarlet macaw has a distinctive wing pattern and is critically endangered: by 2015, Nicaragua’s population had dwindled to …

pasoblogA 20-year Milestone for the Cyanoptera Macaw
ELLAS enviropreneur, photo by Franklin Ruiz Morales

The ELLAS Initiative Concludes

“I feel empowered, and now I look at myself as an entrepreneur. We went from informality to having vision . . . Aspiring is not only believing in dreams, it is changing one’s attitude to see the changes.” – Sonia, hostel …

pasoblogThe ELLAS Initiative Concludes
Rio Ostayo in the Mono Bayo Reserve

La Reserva Mono Bayo

We are thrilled to share a major breakthrough here on the blog! Recently we were awarded a significant grant from the IUCN-Netherlands, and that means we will be able to complete the purchase of a beautiful forest area in the …

pasoblogLa Reserva Mono Bayo

Helping the Howlers

As you may know, Nicaragua went through a serious drought earlier this year. In fact, it’s the worst dry spell Nicaragua has experienced in over 30 years. The dry tropical forests in the Paso Del Istmo that we work in …

pasoblogHelping the Howlers

How We’re Combating Illegal Wildlife Trafficking

On April 22, 2015, USAID issued the Wildlife Crime Tech Challenge in an effort to bring together international communities to create solutions that address critical wildlife crime issues. One of the issues highlighted by the challenge is the network of …

pasoblogHow We’re Combating Illegal Wildlife Trafficking

Local communities and conservation

As a conservation biologist, one of the most important parts of my job is making trips to the field so that I can better design and manage the many scientific projects that Paso Pacifico’s local employees work on. Others  imagine …

pasoblogLocal communities and conservation